Hosted FreePBX

Get IVR, voicemail, multiple extensions and much more, all in the cloud
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    Get a Hosted PBX for your VoIP service!
    FreePBX pre-installed and Hosted in the Cloud.
    Unlimited Extensions
    Unlimited Trunks
    R299 / Month + R450 Once-Off Setup Fee

Hosted FreePBX

Need voicemail, extensions, IVR and more for your VoIP number?
We'll setup a VPS with FreePBX pre-installed on it for you.

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Unlimited VoIP Trunks
  • Unlimited IVRs
  • Unlimited Conference Rooms
  • Voicemail for Extensions
  • Call Recording Features
  • Call Forewarding Features
  • VPS Hosted in the Cloud

R299 per month

+ R450 once-off setup fee
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What is a Hosted PBX?

A PBX is a switchboard with Interactive Voice Response, Extensions, Call Recording and more.

Unlike a traditional PBX, which requires a large capital investment, ongoing hardware maintenance and security against theft, a Hosted PBX is a cloud-based PBX system accessible via an internet connection. In addition to being completely off-site, a Hosted PBX system also provides businesses with the ability to manage their phone systems through a user-friendly control panel via the web.

What is FreePBX?

FreePBX® is a free, web-based and open source graphical user interface (GUI) that controls and manages Asterisk® PBX, an open source voice over IP server. Both FreePBX and Asterisk are used in well over a million production systems world wide.

How does it Work?

  •  We'll deploy a Virtual Server in the Cloud
  •  We'll pre-install FreePBX on the VPS
  •  We'll manage the hardware
  •  You manage FreePBX
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What do I get?

We'll manage the VPS hardware and the internet connection

You don't pay for PBX hardware, we'll setup one of our Rack 2 Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for you in our cloud infrastructure and ensure it stays connected.

We'll pre-install FreePBX
(Open Source PBX) for you

FreePBX is a free, open source software that provides all the PBX features you'll ever need. We'll install it for you and get you started with some video tutorials.

We'll setup a Firewall & the System Settings for you

We'll setup the system settings, a firewall and an auto-monitoring/banning add-on (Fail2Ban) on the VPS to help keep your FreePBX system secure.

What else will I need?

You'll need an internet connection

As VoIP works over the internet you'll need an internet connection. We do recommend at least 2Mbps speeds and something stable such as DSL or Fibre.

You'll need a VoIP Number/Trunk

You're going to need at least one VoIP Number to be added to your PBX. If you have not already grabbed a Nexus ISP VoIP number, we recommend you do so. You can sign up here for a VoIP number.

You'll need a VoIP Desk/Soft-Phone

You will need a VoIP desk phone or softphone (such as the free Zoiper softphone) for each of your extensions that will be used on the PBX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Mobile Phone as an extension?

You certainly can though you'll need to install a compatible SIP/VoIP application for your phone such as ZoIPer and your cellular network provider must allow SIP calling over their data network. VoIP call quality is however much better when using a fast and stable connection such as DSL/Fibre.

What access do I get to the VPS itself?

You will be provided with an Administrator login to the FreePBX front-end where you'll have full access to all the PBX functionality such as adding and managing extensions, trunks, IVR, conference rooms and more. You will however not be given access to the Linux Operating System of the VPS.

What support is provided with FreePBX?

Our Hosted FreePBX service is a semi-managed product, we'll manage the hardware and operating system, you manage the FreePBX software installed on the VPS. There are many tutorials available online and directly from the FreePBX website, but we'll help get your started with some video tutorials.

The Hosted FreePBX service is comprised of our Rack 2 VPS product with FreePBX® pre-installed.
Nexus ISP will maintain the hardware and operating system and the customer shall manage the FreePBX software.

As Nexus ISP does not manage the FreePBX front-end or extension devices, we cannot take responsibility for any possible intrusions.
The customer must therefore ensure that all user and extension passwords and settings are secure in order to guard against any possible intrusions.

Call recordings and call event logs are automatically deleted after 60 days to preserve space.

FreePBX is an Open Source software distributed by and is licensed under the General Public License.
FreePBX® is a Registered Trademark of Sangoma Technologies.